Alexander Blass, CEO of the Innovation Institute of America™ delivers keynote presentations, masterclass training workshops, and innovation seminars at prestigious conferences around the world to a highly diverse range of audiences. Here are samples of several presentation clips from various countries.

Alexander Blass Worldwide Keynote Presentation Videos

Keynote Speaker at INSPIRING INNOVATION AWARDS. Location: European Stadium

Alexander Blass was honored to be the keynote speaker at the INSPIRING INNOVATION AWARDS. The event was at a stadium in Europe and celebrated the 150th anniversary of a $10 billion/year global chemical company with 26,000 employees.

IBM INNOVATE Keynote Speaker Audience Size: 2,000 People

Opening keynote presentation at IBM INNOVATE conference held in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Alexander was the special guest and keynote speaker. This clip is on creating a culture of innovation.

EXPOMEETINGS Mexico, Keynote Speaker

The most prestigious event for the meetings, events, travel and tourism industry in Mexico. This clip demonstrates heavy audience interaction and engagement that Alexander Blass employs to apply his principles and strategies.

Stars of Business Awards, Dubai, Keynote Speaker, 1,000 C-Level Executives

At this prestigious event on the 40th anniversary of the UAE, Alexander Blass infuses the Arabic language into his keynote, and inspires CEOs by linking their success and achievement with the impressive history of the young nation.

South American BPO Convention, Keynote Speaker

This international event for the business process outsourcing industry attracted attendees from 10 countries. In this high energy clip, Alexander Blass encourages the audience to think differently and challenge the status quo.

World Management Forum Middle East, Keynote Speaker

In this clip from the World Management Forum in the Middle East, he has 1,000 executives in laughter by shocking them with a joke in their own language.

Keynote Clip on Sustainability and Corp. Social Responsibility

As the keynote speaker at IBM INNOVATE to an audience of 2,000 technology professionals, Alexander Blass talks about the important link between innovation and improving people’s lives.

INNOCONF MalaysiaKeynote Speaker

Inspiring and educating next generation of leaders and innovators at a university conference in Selangor, Malaysia. Sponsored by BAE Systems and other major multinational corporations.

Keynote Speaker @ Mexico City

Keynote Speaker in Mexico City. His topic: “Regret is far worse than failure”.

Client Testimonials & Quotes

Computer Engineer, Silicon Valley

“I come from the US — Silicon Valley. What Alexander Blass talked about was very pertinent, and right on the money. I would recommend this conference to anyone. Thank you, Alexander!”

Dr. Ashok, Indian Military R&D

“Alexander’s presentation was truly awesome; I was absolutely floored. If you asked me yesterday, what I thought of innovation, well now, wow, it has been totally redefined!”

Mastercard Testimonial 2

Alexander was our keynote speaker and he delivered a wonderful speech about innovation, it was very dynamic, very high-energy… one part inspirational, one part educational and very very informative.

Kasha Solati, Manager, Luxury Goods Importer

“We really appreciate the presentation and are coming out very motivated. We are learning a lot about our future business. As a manager, it was great to have all this information. Thank you, Alexander Blass!”

Abhilash Thomas, Systems Engineer, Siemens

“I firmly believe that if you truly want to change your life, get Alexander Blass to wherever you are… he will let you become the change you really want to be. So for Mr. Blass, we all love you!”

Rohan, Director, Business Analysis Practice, Keane

“Im so happy I was there for the session. He customized his presentation to the Indian audience and culture, which was very innovative. The product he has built is amazing, and I strongly suggest you attend one of his presentations.”

Patricio Hernandez, Chief Strategy Officer, Mastercard LATAM (Español)

Mohamed Al Abbasi, Chief of Enterprise Partnerships, Government of Bahrain (Arabic)

Sridhir, Prowin Health Group

“It was really awesome! We were able to relate to the story. As entrepreneurs, we have to be a little crazy and think differently than how the crowd thinks. So it was completely relevant to our thinking, as well as the innovative ideas he shared.”

Estibalez Cruz, Director of Sales, Travelport

“He shook our minds and got us thinking that innovation is for everyone. That there is always something we can change.”

Saudi Aramco Masterclass Testimonial 1 (Arabic)

Rajesh Gupta, Project Leader, IBM

“Yesterday I attended Alexander Blass’s innovation program. I got great ideas from it. What I liked the most was the key inheritance culture that we get from our parents, which we generally miss out on as we age. That’s what I’d like to look back on myself and will put back into my life. Thank you.”

Bahrain Masterclass Testimonial 3

Convención de CRM y BPO, Colombia – Parte II

Testimonios de la audiencia luego del discurso dado por Alexander Blass en la convención de CRM y BPO en Bogotá, Colombia.

Norma Viamonte de Atlantic International BPO

“Fue una experiencia muy agradable, nos hizo recordar muchos de los consejos que en nuestra infancia nos dieron nuestros padres y que realmente hemos comprobado que si ponen en práctica se pueden hacer las cosas bien.”

Zara, Manager, Oil & Gas Industry

We had a great day with some of the world’s biggest leaders, including Mr. Alexander Blass. I believe I can use all the things I learned in my job, and I hope I can transfer the knowledge to my colleagues and friends. Alexander really taught me a lot today.

Jose Miguel Caro, Manager, Plurum Consultants

“Alexander Blass is an inspiration to others. Your techniques and recommendations… is the way to be an excellent professional and make excellent companies. I recommend and hope that you will have the opportunity to listen to Alexander in one moment in your life.”

Eva, EVENTEX Event Director 2015

He talked about innovation explosion which was an amazing experience. Our attendes were just “wowed” by him and they of course learned invaluable tips […] they were so engaged, I’ve never seen them that cheering up early in the morning […] Everybody left the room buzzing and talking about it.

Bahrain Masterclass Testimonial 2 (Arabic)

John Schaefer, CCO, Conferize

Engineer, Andhra Pradesh

“This is the chance that G-d gave me to meet him. I’m really inspired by listening to his speech, and his thoughts and observations on innovation.”

Saudi Aramco Keynote Testimonial 1

Test Manager, Enfasis Healthcare Group

“I really appreciate the presentation. He made me start thinking on an innovative path. He taught us the meaning of innovation, and he is now a mentor of mine.”

Bala Kukani, Honeywell

“Yesterday I attended Alexander’s program. It was very inspirational and really worth attending. From the session I learned and realized many things that I can do personally.”