Alexander Blass, CEO of the Innovation Institute of America™ delivers keynote presentations, masterclass training workshops, and innovation seminars at prestigious conferences around the world to a highly diverse range of audiences. Here are samples of several presentation clips from various countries.

Alexander Blass Worldwide Keynote Presentation Videos

Keynote Speaker at INSPIRING INNOVATION AWARDS. Location: European Stadium

Alexander Blass was honored to be the keynote speaker at the INSPIRING INNOVATION AWARDS. The event was at a stadium in Europe and celebrated the 150th anniversary of a $10 billion/year global chemical company with 26,000 employees.

IBM INNOVATE Keynote Speaker Audience Size: 2,000 People

Opening keynote presentation at IBM INNOVATE conference held in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India. Alexander was the special guest and keynote speaker. This clip is on creating a culture of innovation.

EXPOMEETINGS Mexico, Keynote Speaker

The most prestigious event for the meetings, events, travel and tourism industry in Mexico. This clip demonstrates heavy audience interaction and engagement that Alexander Blass employs to apply his principles and strategies.

Stars of Business Awards, Dubai, Keynote Speaker, 1,000 C-Level Executives

At this prestigious event on the 40th anniversary of the UAE, Alexander Blass infuses the Arabic language into his keynote, and inspires CEOs by linking their success and achievement with the impressive history of the young nation.

South American BPO Convention, Keynote Speaker

This international event for the business process outsourcing industry attracted attendees from 10 countries. In this high energy clip, Alexander Blass encourages the audience to think differently and challenge the status quo.

World Management Forum Middle East, Keynote Speaker

In this clip from the World Management Forum in the Middle East, he has 1,000 executives in laughter by shocking them with a joke in their own language.

Keynote Clip on Sustainability and Corp. Social Responsibility

As the keynote speaker at IBM INNOVATE to an audience of 2,000 technology professionals, Alexander Blass talks about the important link between innovation and improving people’s lives.

INNOCONF MalaysiaKeynote Speaker

Inspiring and educating next generation of leaders and innovators at a university conference in Selangor, Malaysia. Sponsored by BAE Systems and other major multinational corporations.

Keynote Speaker @ Mexico City

Keynote Speaker in Mexico City. His topic: “Regret is far worse than failure”.

Client Testimonials & Quotes

Saudi Aramco Masterclass Testimonial 2 (Arabic)

Osama Al Khaja, CEO, Ebtikar Bahrain

Vinod, Manager, Appoint Solutions

“I had the privilege of hearing Alexander Blass’s keynote speech yesterday. Wow, he captivated the audience and kept them spellbound with his speech… he took the ancient Indian culture and perfectly blended it with modern day technology. He kept us all motivated and inspired.”

Luis Rosales, Director de SITEL

“Sorpresa que me llevé, pense que iba a ser lo mismo acerca de innovación y liderazgo, pero esta presentación llegó a mi. Llegó a la parte intelectual, a la parte de crecimiento profesional y la parte personal”.

Bahrain Masterclass Testimonial 2 (Arabic)

Avinash, Software Engineer, Logica

“[…] this was really inspiring. I liked it very much, We talk about innovation many times, but I liked seeing innovation applied with a human touch. I want to apply his principles in my life and teach them to my children, so that their outlook will change, and try to innovate in whatever they do.”

Mohammad Testimonial 3-Day Masterclass in Bahrain (Arabic)

Mastercard Testimonial 1

He was terrific. He really personalized the event to what we needed and he motivated everybody in the audience, so really really appreciate it. Thank you very much Alexander!

Kasha Solati, Manager, Luxury Goods Importer

“We really appreciate the presentation and are coming out very motivated. We are learning a lot about our future business. As a manager, it was great to have all this information. Thank you, Alexander Blass!”

Nabil Behobze, CEO, Noryas Consulting

“I attended Alexander Blass’s keynote speech today at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Entrepreneurship Summit. It was one of the most amazing speeches I’ve ever heard. I think it is the right moment for people around the world to come and look at this area of the world and find opportunities.”

Senior Business Executive, India

“It was very inspiring. What I learned from Alexander Blass, is that whatever you do in life, it has to help people. That is my agenda after attending his session, and it was very nice to meet Alexander Blass personally. Thank you.”

RL Ruthra, CEO, Micro Genesis

“The presentation was excellent, and your innovations will help many people in their lives and never end on this Earth. Your understanding of the Indian culture is excellent. Thank you very much!”

Computer Science Student, Jain University

“IBM INNOVATE was best because of Alexander Blass. His speech was amazing. To Indians I say he must come again and again, and do numerous presentations. I also hope he will come to colleges and universities, and speak to up and coming entrepreneurs. They need his seminars as well. Great going!”

Sachin, Systems Analyst, Accenture

“After hearing the speech from him, my mind started churning and im really into it. Let’s innovate something!”

Gabriela, Travelport

“He talked about different ways of innovating. I really recommend this presentation. I really liked it, and think many people learned a lot from it.”

Saudi Aramco Keynote Testimonial 1

John Schaefer, CCO, Conferize

Convención de CRM y BPO, Colombia – Parte I

Testimonios de la audiencia luego del discurso dado por Alexander Blass en la convención de CRM y BPO en Bogotá, Colombia.

Mastercard Testimonial 2

Alexander was our keynote speaker and he delivered a wonderful speech about innovation, it was very dynamic, very high-energy… one part inspirational, one part educational and very very informative.

Liliana Lopez, Manager, Connective Call Center & BPO

“Alexander Blass inspired my life. When I was a child, my mother told me to never push my comfort zone. Now I am conscious that I need to reinvent my job, and innovate. This was the most important thing I learned in the conference. To innovate in my job, my products and services, for my clients.”

Abdullah Al-Khamadi, 3-Day Masterclass in Bahrain (English)

Kory Laszewski, Global Vice President of Sales and Corp. Development, C3

“Alexander Blass is by far one of the more dynamic speakers I have ever heard. The message of the presentation was very impressive. Innovation is a tremendous motivation for us internally, and I got a lot of points out of this meeting I can share with my clients.”

Alfredo Yamhure, CEO, Bilateral

“He did a great job. I can tell he did a lot of research and customized the conference. He knew what he was talking about, and customized it for our country. I highly recommend him and will have him back in the near future for my company!”

INDIA and ASIA Client Testimonials

Audience testimonials clip from the IBM Innovate 2010 keynote speech from Alexander Blass about Innovation.