Innovation Workshops At Your Company

How would you like your employees to get a direct education on business innovation from the innovator behind a $10 billion a year industry?

Alexander Blass, CEO of the Innovation Institute of America conducts innovation masterclasses and training workshops around the world for leading companies, government organizations, associations, and universities.

IIA in-house masterclass seminars and training workshops are a very cost effective, productive, and efficient solution because it saves you all the time and money required to send your employees away to a conference.

Masterclass topics samples

Customized Innovation Challenges

To directly tie-in with your strategic business challenges, IIA masterclasses can include a customized Innovation Challenge. What is keeping your company up at night? What would you love to find innovative solutions for, which can make you a lot of money, save you a lot of money, and/or positively impact others?

We have your attendees apply our taught proprietary frameworks, strategies, tools and principles to devise innovative solutions for you most important and mission critical business challenges. This provides tangible, relevant and high value results for the client and fantastic ROI (return on investment) from IIA masterclasses.

Duration of Masterclasses and Flexibility

Our standard masterclasses range from 1-5 days in length, depending on your needs, interests, and budget. They can either focus on one of the topic areas above, or up to all three.

Not surprisingly, most of our clients “want it all” so we have a popular 1-day accelerated masterclass that covers all 3 topics of the Wheel of InnovationTM If you are constrained by time or budget, this is a fantastic option for you.

We also offer 3 and 5-day versions which allow for a lot more time for additional education, audience interaction, team activities, and return on investment.

Would you like to book Alexander Blass for an in-house masterclass at your company? Please contact us today.