About Our Innovation Masterclasses

IIA masterclass programs and training workshops are exciting and content-rich with high value, applied business strategies. They are very practical, interactive, inspirational, and high-energy, and are delivered around the globe. Our masterclasses are purposely designed around business strategies that work in the real world and can be implemented by your attendees, rather than being overloaded with outdated, generic academic theories on business innovation with no practical application. 

We incorporate fascinating and original case studies from around the world that we research and update on an ongoing basis. There is a high level of audience interaction, voluntary participation, and team-based learning exercises and collaboration.

We travel to you. Masterclasses and workshops are either conducted as in-house events for your company at your location, or arranged as public events through conference organizers around the world.

IIA’s Wheel of InnovationTM

axis-2.0-550 In order for a business innovation ecosystem to flourish and for you to achieve your highest level of potential and success as an innovative leader or innovative company, an innovative mindset must be present in all aspects of your organizational strategy.

The Wheel of InnovationTM is a proprietary business innovation framework developed by the Innovation Institute of America®.

The graphic portrays the three fundamental “spokes” and their symbiotic relationship.

Innovation Masterclasses Topics

As displayed above, IIA’s masterclass seminars and training workshops are designed to cover these crucial aspects of business innovation. Please click on the title to learn more about what what is covered within the module.

Duration of Masterclasses and Flexibility

Our standard masterclasses range from 1-5 days in length, depending on your needs, interests, and budget. They can either focus on one of the topic areas above, or up to all three.

Not surprisingly, most of our clients “want it all” so we have a popular 1-day accelerated masterclass that covers all 3 topics of the Wheel of InnovationTM. If you are constrained by time or budget, this is a fantastic option for you.

We also offer 3 and 5-day versions which allow for a lot more time for additional education, audience interaction, team activities, and return on investment.

Global Awareness & Cultural Sensitivity

Although we are a U.S.-based institute, our programs are renowned for being extremely globally-minded and culturally sensitive in nature. Although the United States is a recognized leader in innovation, we purposely employ case studies from around the world, across industries, cultures, languages, and continents. The IIA teaches best practices from wherever we identify them and apply them to global, macro, and micro levels.


We do not erroneously focus exclusively on the United States or even “The West” as the only beacon of innovation, as we feel that would further an ignorant misconception and make it more difficult for our international audiences to relate our strategies to their own lives and businesses. Our masterclasses demonstrate that innovation comes in all forms, and across all boundaries.