Jeff Pittman

board-jeffJeff Pittman is an MIT and Oxford-educated senior software and business process consultant, with an expertise spanning 15 years of innovative supply chain planning and optimization solutions Mr. Pittman’s clients have included Kraft Foods, Mondelez, Black & Decker, P&G, and a host of others. Mr. Pittman completed Engineering Masters degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after working at CPG companies and realizing there must be better ways of using their massive amounts of data to achieve operational excellence.

He went on to earn an MBA from Oxford University to broaden his perspective to a more global approach to commerce. A consistent aspect of Mr. Pittman’s studies and research, including his bachelor work at New College of Florida, has been to combine disciplines to understand how learnings and frameworks from one are of study could be applied and influence other disciplines.

Mr. Pittman has a track record of innovation in business, helping clients large and small release billions in working capital and costs. For the work he completed at Henkel, Jeff accepted the Supply Chain Council’s Technical Innovation award on behalf of the team in 2005.

Before MIT, Jeff worked with designing cutting edge big data solutions in banking, insurance and consumer goods. His data warehouse designs and implementations involved bringing together data from different parts of organizations to find synergies in the information. Mr. Pittman currently lives near Chicago with his wife and family.