Innovation Keynote Speaker

For your upcoming conference, are you seeking someone who is both an experienced innovator and a top innovation keynote speaker? Then look no further, you have come to the right place!

Alexander Blass, CEO of the Innovation Institute of America is one of the most in-demand keynote speakers on business innovation, innovative leadership and entrepreneurship to leading audiences worldwide. Wharton and Oxford-educated, he is the grand prize winner of the Daily Record’s Top Innovator of the Year Award which credited him with “revolutionizing charitable giving” for inventing personal crowdfunding. This has grown to become a $10 billion/year industry in less than a decade, helping millions of people worldwide [Learn more about Alexander Blass.]

axis-2.0-550Alexander has traveled to over 65 countries and is the keynote speaker of choice for some of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies including IBM, Mastercard, KPMG, Toyota, Saudi Aramco, Travelport, Statoil, and many more.

Based on IIA’s proprietary 3-pronged business innovation framework known as the Wheel of Innovation™, Alexander conducts keynote presentations worldwide on the following three key areas of business innovation.

Which business innovation topics are you most interested in?

His presentations are famous for being the perfect blend to help ensure the success of your event: high energy, inspirational, entertaining, and rich in valuable business content and strategies.
In this fashion, he connects with a wide variety of audiences across industries, titles, cultures, and generations.


Audiences range widely from Fortune 500 executives to entrepreneurs, associations, universities, and non-profits.