Innovate for GoodTM

IIA believes strongly in giving back and “doing well, while doing good” – social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable business practices. We understand that not all audiences can afford access to high level, state-of-the-art expertise and education such as ours. Under our Innovate for Good™ program, Alexander Blass annually conducts free or heavily discounted speaking engagements to underserved or financially-constrained organizations, to share his knowledge, expertise, and inspiration with those that may need it the most. These events are typically organized and co-sponsored by partners and clients, offering an opportunity to publicly highlight their CSR initiatives while also making a positive social impact in the community.

This may be an inspirational and educational keynote presentation on leadership, social entrepreneurship, or innovation to university students in a developing nation. In other cases, it may be a fundraising, promotional and educational opportunity for an underfunded non-profit, charity, or NGO doing important work.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about potentially co-sponsoring and/or hosting an Innovate for GoodTM event in your region.