Please enjoy these client testimonials from North America

Kory Laszewski, Global Vice President of Sales and Corp. Development, C3

“Alexander Blass is by far one of the more dynamic speakers I have ever heard. The message of the presentation was very impressive. Innovation is a tremendous motivation for us internally, and I got a lot of points out of this meeting I can share with my clients.”

Venkat, Director, Mindtree

“It was quite moving, quite persuasive, quite detail-oriented… it was really fantastic. He talked about innovation being at the intersection of business and impacting people’s lives, phenomenal really. It was a wonderful speech and I enjoyed it very much.”

Fredrik Lindquist, Managing Director, AB Management

“Alexander Blass was an unknown name to me until yesterday, when I saw and understood his incredible brilliance, as well as his energy on stage. He gave me a lot of inspiration and energy, and took the entire audience with him. If you have an opportunity to engage with Alexander Blass, I highly recommend it!”

Mastercard Testimonial 2

Alexander was our keynote speaker and he delivered a wonderful speech about innovation, it was very dynamic, very high-energy… one part inspirational, one part educational and very very informative.

Sharon Poulos, Director of Marketing, Americas, Travelport

“He did a great job of bringing in examples from all over the world. Highly energetic. He got engaged, got into the audience, not just a static speech with Powerpoint slides. Highly recommended!”

Mastercard Testimonial 3

We had the great pleasure of listening to Alexander Blass […] He brought to light the fact that innovation is truly needed in our environment […] He brought it to light in a way that actually made us think about how we could make our jobs a lot better.

Eileen Scafidi, Communications Project Manager, National Fire Protection Association

“A great presentation today on innovation. The timing couldn’t be better for our organization as innovation is a big part of our 3-year strategic plan. Alexander did a really great job talking about innovation and bringing it down to a level where you can think about what you can do to innovate daily…”

Kimberly Fontes, Director of Product Development, National Fire Protection Association

“What Alexander’s speech did for us today is get our employees thinking, ‘How can I be innovative?’ By having them better understand what innovation is, and how they can incorporate it into their job, I think it will be a really big success for us.”

Lorraine Carli, Vice President of Communications, National Fire Protection Association

“Alexander’s remarks were really on point […] He really hit points on how staff should be engaged in that and involved, and think differently and more creatively. He also took the time to learn a lot about NFPA to make his comments very relevant to where we are in our history.”

Mastercard Testimonial 1

He was terrific. He really personalized the event to what we needed and he motivated everybody in the audience, so really really appreciate it. Thank you very much Alexander!

Kevin Kerr, Solutions Engineer, Verint

“We just got done listening to Alexander Blass’s wonderful keynote speech. He kept the audience on the edge of their seats. He completely localized the whole speech to all types of people. I would recommend anybody listen to any of his keynote speeches.”

Kim Clark, Director of Business Development, Media Star Promotions

“Alexander Blass was the best part of the entire EPIC conference in New York City. I felt as if he was speaking directly to me… He gave me a lot of new ideas, was very clear and concise, and was full of energy. He was also easy to approach afterwards and very friendly. I would highly recommend Alexander Blass.”

Paul Fiore, Director, Verizon Terramark

“I heard Alexander’s keynote presentation this morning in Chicago. I was very encouraged and reminded of things we have to do in our everyday business around innovation. It was a very inspiring presentation.”

National Fire Protection Association Testimonials

Audience testimonials clip from his speech given to the staff of the National Fire Protection Association.