Please enjoy these client testimonials from Europe

Kevin Jones, CEO, Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings

It’s been a fantastic experience. We had 56 of our managers / assistant managers attending and we’ve really opened up a lot of minds. It’s a great new approach […] I am really looking forward to taking this forward over the next 12 months. Thank you very much, it was very inspirational, look forward to see you again.

John Schaefer, CCO, Conferize

Really great session about innovation and how I as a person but also in relation to my company and events we can innovate this business. This session really helped me think about how can I improve my business and […] and help the end organizers sell more tickets.

Constantinos Countouros, Director of Marketing, Countouros Construction

“I was very glad to meet Alexander Blass and attend one of his classes, because the guy is amazing. I gained a lot of information from his education and experience in creativity and innovation. I would highly recommend you attend one of his classes!”

Fredrik Lindquist, Managing Director, AB Management

“Alexander Blass was an unknown name to me until yesterday, when I saw and understood his incredible brilliance, as well as his energy on stage. He gave me a lot of inspiration and energy, and took the entire audience with him. If you have an opportunity to engage with Alexander Blass, I highly recommend it!”

Lourdes Barea, HR Director, Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings

It’s been a really a great entertaining and I think informative session the whole day. It’s opened up the minds of lots of managers and assistant managers. Lots of good ideas will come through and I think it will be very successful.

Eva, EVENTEX Event Director 2015

He talked about innovation explosion which was an amazing experience. Our attendes were just “wowed” by him and they of course learned invaluable tips […] they were so engaged, I’ve never seen them that cheering up early in the morning […] Everybody left the room buzzing and talking about it.