Client Testimonials & Quotes in English

Avinash, Software Engineer, Logica

“[…] this was really inspiring. I liked it very much, We talk about innovation many times, but I liked seeing innovation applied with a human touch. I want to apply his principles in my life and teach them to my children, so that their outlook will change, and try to innovate in whatever they do.”

Sanjeevi, Software Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services

“This session was truly great. It ignited the passion to innovate. The message was very clear that nothing can stop innovation; you have to innovate. This was kindled in everyone. I will take back wonderful messages and will come up with something bright and useful. Thank you!”

Bahrain Masterclass Testimonial 4

Apoorva Singh, MBA student, IIT Bombay E-Summit

Rupeet, IBM Rational

“I attended Alexander Blass’s presentation on innovation. It was really great, and after the presentation I realized: I CAN INNOVATE!”

Abhilash Thomas, Systems Engineer, Siemens

“I firmly believe that if you truly want to change your life, get Alexander Blass to wherever you are… he will let you become the change you really want to be. So for Mr. Blass, we all love you!”

Krishna, Project Manager, HCL Technologies

“I love technology and see his true leadership, bringing innovative solutions to the world with a huge impact and touching so many lives. After his session, I see myself how I want to be more innovative. It was a great session from Alexander, and wish him continued success in all his endeavors.”

Kim Clark, Director of Business Development, Media Star Promotions

“Alexander Blass was the best part of the entire EPIC conference in New York City. I felt as if he was speaking directly to me… He gave me a lot of new ideas, was very clear and concise, and was full of energy. He was also easy to approach afterwards and very friendly. I would highly recommend Alexander Blass.”

Sachin, Systems Analyst, Accenture

“After hearing the speech from him, my mind started churning and im really into it. Let’s innovate something!”

Ravindra, Quality Manager, Adobe

“Very inspiring. Whether you have a big idea or small idea, you shouldn’t stop. The presentation was very influential. I like the way Alexander Blass put it, and request that he will give influential speeches to the next generation to make more innovations and bring change to the world.”

Kieran, Mahindra Satyam

“I really enjoyed the talk today on innovation. It was amazing. […] after this talk I feel that the more people that tell me it’s crazy, that means it is the best idea I have. There were many thought provoking questions, and the wisdom shared by him was amazing.”

Bahrain Masterclass Testimonial 2

Dr. Vandana Parikh, VP Business Dev, A3, IIT Bombay E-Summit

Venkat, Director, Mindtree

“It was quite moving, quite persuasive, quite detail-oriented… it was really fantastic. He talked about innovation being at the intersection of business and impacting people’s lives, phenomenal really. It was a wonderful speech and I enjoyed it very much.”

Dr. Ashok, Indian Military R&D

“Alexander’s presentation was truly awesome; I was absolutely floored. If you asked me yesterday, what I thought of innovation, well now, wow, it has been totally redefined!”

Sridhir, Prowin Health Group

“It was really awesome! We were able to relate to the story. As entrepreneurs, we have to be a little crazy and think differently than how the crowd thinks. So it was completely relevant to our thinking, as well as the innovative ideas he shared.”

Saif Islam, Practice Leader, IBM

“I enjoyed Alexander Blass’s session today. He presented on innovation and it was a very interesting session. I learned a lot!”

Saudi Aramco Keynote Testimonial 2

Satish, Tata Consultancy Services

“It was really inspiring. It showed he did a lot of research to customize the content, and I understand he learned Hindi to give a personal touch to the presentation. I spoke to many of my TCS colleagues and they really enjoyed his presentation as well. Thank you so much.”

Kasha Solati, Manager, Luxury Goods Importer

“We really appreciate the presentation and are coming out very motivated. We are learning a lot about our future business. As a manager, it was great to have all this information. Thank you, Alexander Blass!”

James Maroney, Managing Director, Congress Speakers

“I really enjoyed him. A lot of energy. A lot of content… grounded in the needs of the travel industry here in Mexico. I was very impressed by him.”

Engineer, Andhra Pradesh

“This is the chance that G-d gave me to meet him. I’m really inspired by listening to his speech, and his thoughts and observations on innovation.”

Scientist, HCL Technologies

“ I’ve seen many seminars, but the presentation I heard from Alexander Blass was really exemplary. I never heard a presentation like this in my life. It was marvelous and I really enjoyed it. I’m really thankful to him for all his ideas and the skills that he has given us today. Thank you!”

Mohit, Accenture

“The thing is, we all have a desire to innovate, but we have many many obstacles for that. Alexander’s speech taught us how to overcome all of them. It was very inspiring and I will be sure to look forward to innovating something in my life. It was a great speech!”

Luis Rosales, Director, SITEL

“I am very excited, I just got out of the keynote presentation. This is one of those learning experiences that really get to your intellectual part but it really touched my heart. It was very exciting. I found myself taking a lot of notes. I definitely highly recommend Alexander’s presentations!”

Mastercard Testimonial 3

We had the great pleasure of listening to Alexander Blass […] He brought to light the fact that innovation is truly needed in our environment […] He brought it to light in a way that actually made us think about how we could make our jobs a lot better.

Sundir, Manager, Logica

“This is one of the best presentations I have ever seen. It was more effective and I could see the differences between other presentations. The message was very clear and it was more inspirational. I can take the principles and put them in my career, and I can just innovate. It really inspired me.”

Ramesh, Tata Consultancy Services

“The most inspiring speech in the conference was from Alexander Blass. It was very clear and concise, and I’m truly motivated and inspired. Thanks a lot Alexander!”

National Fire Protection Association Testimonials

Audience testimonials clip from his speech given to the staff of the National Fire Protection Association.

Constantinos Countouros, Director of Marketing, Countouros Construction

“I was very glad to meet Alexander Blass and attend one of his classes, because the guy is amazing. I gained a lot of information from his education and experience in creativity and innovation. I would highly recommend you attend one of his classes!”

Rohan, Director, Business Analysis Practice, Keane

“Im so happy I was there for the session. He customized his presentation to the Indian audience and culture, which was very innovative. The product he has built is amazing, and I strongly suggest you attend one of his presentations.”

Nesrine Mahmood Batelco Testimonial 3-Day Masterclass (English)

Nathan Johan, Accenture

“It was a very nice speech and inspired me a lot about my innovations and what I need to do. The best part of the speech was how we should get in touch with our culture and take from it to help other people through our technologies and innovations.”

Myra Khattab, Program Director, Executive Development, Abu Dhabi University

“Alexander presented an excellent speech at the Innovation Forum, helping us understand innovation and how it can be integrated in the business sector… He linked innovation trends to local and regional issues, connecting the best practices of the West to local issues and bridging those two worlds.”

RL Ruthra, CEO, Micro Genesis

“The presentation was excellent, and your innovations will help many people in their lives and never end on this Earth. Your understanding of the Indian culture is excellent. Thank you very much!”

Keynote Clip on Sustainability and Corp. Social Responsibility

As the keynote speaker at IBM INNOVATE to an audience of 2,000 technology professionals, Alexander Blass talks about the important link between innovation and improving people’s lives.

Rajesh Gupta, Project Leader, IBM

“Yesterday I attended Alexander Blass’s innovation program. I got great ideas from it. What I liked the most was the key inheritance culture that we get from our parents, which we generally miss out on as we age. That’s what I’d like to look back on myself and will put back into my life. Thank you.”

Bahrain Masterclass Testimonial 3

Keethi Agarwal, Aircraft R&D

“This session was extremely good. I enjoyed attending it and it was great to meet Alexander Blass. Thank you!”

Rohit Hardikar, Manager, HCL Technologies

“Wow, it was undoubtedly one of the best sessions I have ever attended. The key takeaway for me was that if you breathe, if you eat for your living, you should innovate for your living. Thanks a lot, Alexander!”

Mohammed Maslawi, Marketing Manager, GO Telecom

“Alexander’s Blass’s presentation was very helpful for us. We are looking forward to meeting him again in Saudi Arabia. I will surely advise my friends and colleagues to meet with him, and listen to his points and advice. Thanks a lot, Alexander!”

Kory Laszewski, Global Vice President of Sales and Corp. Development, C3

“Alexander Blass is by far one of the more dynamic speakers I have ever heard. The message of the presentation was very impressive. Innovation is a tremendous motivation for us internally, and I got a lot of points out of this meeting I can share with my clients.”

Zara, Manager, Oil & Gas Industry

We had a great day with some of the world’s biggest leaders, including Mr. Alexander Blass. I believe I can use all the things I learned in my job, and I hope I can transfer the knowledge to my colleagues and friends. Alexander really taught me a lot today.

Senior Executive, IBM

“This session was quite stimulating. We must be constantly thinking and making changes, and there is no end or limit to it. What I liked most was the key underlying message: your successes will large depend on the efforts that you make towards innovation and the risk you take to achieve it.”

Roopa, Manager, IBM

“It was excellent, the points, the flow, everything. I also really respect the way so much homework was done about India to really get to know something so deep. I learned that we need to try to do something a little different every day in the space that we are in, in our daily jobs.”

Jorge Cote, CEO, Contact Center Americas

“He encouraged all the entrepreneurs of Colombia to think differently and outside of the box. It was a very good conference with a lot of knowledge that we are happy to receive from him. Thank you!”

Eileen Scafidi, Communications Project Manager, National Fire Protection Association

“A great presentation today on innovation. The timing couldn’t be better for our organization as innovation is a big part of our 3-year strategic plan. Alexander did a really great job talking about innovation and bringing it down to a level where you can think about what you can do to innovate daily…”

Senior Business Executive, India

“It was very inspiring. What I learned from Alexander Blass, is that whatever you do in life, it has to help people. That is my agenda after attending his session, and it was very nice to meet Alexander Blass personally. Thank you.”

Eva, EVENTEX Event Director 2015

He talked about innovation explosion which was an amazing experience. Our attendes were just “wowed” by him and they of course learned invaluable tips […] they were so engaged, I’ve never seen them that cheering up early in the morning […] Everybody left the room buzzing and talking about it.

Sandeep, Software Developer, Siemens

“His presentation was very inspirational, sincere, and candid. It easily reached the heart of the audience, which is not normally the case with most of the business presentations.”

Sunil Keger, Director of Global Alliances, IBM

“He communicated the message of innovation very clearly. I also found it very impressive – and he did it extremely well — that he localized his presentation for India which was absolutely great, and he really connected with the audience. I really appreciate it. Thank you!”

Abdullah Al-Khamadi, 3-Day Masterclass in Bahrain (English)

Nemath Sherath, Client Support, IBM

“I really liked the session and got a lot of input from it. I came to the conference to learn his principles, and they will be very helpful.”

Mastercard Testimonial 1

He was terrific. He really personalized the event to what we needed and he motivated everybody in the audience, so really really appreciate it. Thank you very much Alexander!

Sandeep Singhal, Director, MK Global Financial, IIT Bombay E-Summit

INDIA and ASIA Client Testimonials

Audience testimonials clip from the IBM Innovate 2010 keynote speech from Alexander Blass about Innovation.

Naman Agrawal, Student, IIT Bombay Entrepreneurship Summit

MIDDLE EAST Client Testimonials

Audience testimonials clip from the atendees to the keynote speech given by Alexander Blass at the Abu Dhabi Innovation Forum.

Paul Fiore, Director, Verizon Terramark

“I heard Alexander’s keynote presentation this morning in Chicago. I was very encouraged and reminded of things we have to do in our everyday business around innovation. It was a very inspiring presentation.”

Rajiv, Project Leader, HCL Technologies

“The session was fantastic today. I was completely amazed by the session. In fact I can say I was inspired. Up to yesterday I was thinking in a different way, but now it has been changed in a new direction. It was a fantastic and worthwhile session. Thanks a lot!”

Nabil Behobze, CEO, Noryas Consulting

“I attended Alexander Blass’s keynote speech today at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Entrepreneurship Summit. It was one of the most amazing speeches I’ve ever heard. I think it is the right moment for people around the world to come and look at this area of the world and find opportunities.”

Gayatri Dalal, Student, IIT Bombay Entrepreneurship Summit

Bahrain Masterclass Testimonial 5

Kevin Kerr, Solutions Engineer, Verint

“We just got done listening to Alexander Blass’s wonderful keynote speech. He kept the audience on the edge of their seats. He completely localized the whole speech to all types of people. I would recommend anybody listen to any of his keynote speeches.”

Bala Kukani, Honeywell

“Yesterday I attended Alexander’s program. It was very inspirational and really worth attending. From the session I learned and realized many things that I can do personally.”

Lourdes Barea, HR Director, Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings

It’s been a really a great entertaining and I think informative session the whole day. It’s opened up the minds of lots of managers and assistant managers. Lots of good ideas will come through and I think it will be very successful.

Kimberly Fontes, Director of Product Development, National Fire Protection Association

“What Alexander’s speech did for us today is get our employees thinking, ‘How can I be innovative?’ By having them better understand what innovation is, and how they can incorporate it into their job, I think it will be a really big success for us.”

Raku, Manager, IBM Rational

“Alexander’s session was truly inspirational. He talked about how innovation can occur at the individual and even at the organizational level. Everybody can make a difference and add value. We really enjoyed the presentation. Thank you very much.”

Kevin Jones, CEO, Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings

It’s been a fantastic experience. We had 56 of our managers / assistant managers attending and we’ve really opened up a lot of minds. It’s a great new approach […] I am really looking forward to taking this forward over the next 12 months. Thank you very much, it was very inspirational, look forward to see you again.

Anshul Rajwanshi, CEO Lighthouse Carbin, IIT Bombay E-Summit

Saudi Aramco Masterclass Testimonial

Rajiv Indimath, Senior Consultant, IIT Bombay Entrepreneurship Summit

Fredrik Lindquist, Managing Director, AB Management

“Alexander Blass was an unknown name to me until yesterday, when I saw and understood his incredible brilliance, as well as his energy on stage. He gave me a lot of inspiration and energy, and took the entire audience with him. If you have an opportunity to engage with Alexander Blass, I highly recommend it!”

Miguel Lopez, Chairman of the Board, Colombian BPO Association

“Thank you for being our keynote speaker at our leadership conference. It was an amazing presentation and the feedback was very, very, very good. Your presentation at our Latin American convention was amazing too, and I hope to see you again next year!”

Dr. Hasnah, Director, MIGHT Malaysia

“He gave us a revelation into the meaning of innovation. He brought it close to our hearts, our minds, and our soul. This program is definitely a long lasting insight with impact, that will help you make that journey, of faith in innovation.”

John Schaefer, CCO, Conferize

Really great session about innovation and how I as a person but also in relation to my company and events we can innovate this business. This session really helped me think about how can I improve my business and […] and help the end organizers sell more tickets.

Mohamed Al-Abbasi, Chief of Enterprise Partnerships, Government of Bahrain (English)

Jose Miguel Caro, Manager, Plurum Consultants

“Alexander Blass is an inspiration to others. Your techniques and recommendations… is the way to be an excellent professional and make excellent companies. I recommend and hope that you will have the opportunity to listen to Alexander in one moment in your life.”

Computer Engineer, Silicon Valley

“I come from the US — Silicon Valley. What Alexander Blass talked about was very pertinent, and right on the money. I would recommend this conference to anyone. Thank you, Alexander!”

Gabriela, Travelport

“He talked about different ways of innovating. I really recommend this presentation. I really liked it, and think many people learned a lot from it.”

Osama Al Khaja, CEO, Ebtikar Bahrain

Dinesh Kumar, Tata Consultancy Services

“It is one of the best speeches I have heard. The message he gave was very good, and the way he presented and inspired all of us, everyone enjoyed it a lot. Thanks a lot Alexander, for all your inspiring words.”

Mastercard Testimonial 2

Alexander was our keynote speaker and he delivered a wonderful speech about innovation, it was very dynamic, very high-energy… one part inspirational, one part educational and very very informative.

Liliana Lopez, Manager, Connective Call Center & BPO

“Alexander Blass inspired my life. When I was a child, my mother told me to never push my comfort zone. Now I am conscious that I need to reinvent my job, and innovate. This was the most important thing I learned in the conference. To innovate in my job, my products and services, for my clients.”

Estibalez Cruz, Director of Sales, Travelport

“He shook our minds and got us thinking that innovation is for everyone. That there is always something we can change.”

Vinod, Manager, Appoint Solutions

“I had the privilege of hearing Alexander Blass’s keynote speech yesterday. Wow, he captivated the audience and kept them spellbound with his speech… he took the ancient Indian culture and perfectly blended it with modern day technology. He kept us all motivated and inspired.”

Alfredo Yamhure, CEO, Bilateral

“He did a great job. I can tell he did a lot of research and customized the conference. He knew what he was talking about, and customized it for our country. I highly recommend him and will have him back in the near future for my company!”

Berta Campos, Travel Industry Executive

“I’m so proud and happy to have people like you to help us and give a different point of view. You give a great and gorgeous conference. Thanks a lot!”

Sri, LSAE Research & Development

“He did a lot of hard work and homework before doing his presentation. Innovation is the mother of necessity, and it was quite interesting and motivating. I liked it very much. Thanks a lot Alexander, I appreciate it and all your hard work.”

Computer Science Student, Jain University

“IBM INNOVATE was best because of Alexander Blass. His speech was amazing. To Indians I say he must come again and again, and do numerous presentations. I also hope he will come to colleges and universities, and speak to up and coming entrepreneurs. They need his seminars as well. Great going!”

Sharmista Chatterjee, Enterprise Architecture Group, IBM

“Ever since five years ago, I had a vision. Yesterday, after listening to Alexander, what I actually believed in, but had some doubts, how will I make this, will this work, Alexander has given me a faith and made my beliefs stronger. Thanks a lot, Alexander!”

Saudi Aramco Keynote Testimonial 1

Test Manager, Enfasis Healthcare Group

“I really appreciate the presentation. He made me start thinking on an innovative path. He taught us the meaning of innovation, and he is now a mentor of mine.”

Student, IIT Bombay Entrepreneurship Summit

Bahrain Masterclass Testimonial 6

Sharon Poulos, Director of Marketing, Americas, Travelport

“He did a great job of bringing in examples from all over the world. Highly energetic. He got engaged, got into the audience, not just a static speech with Powerpoint slides. Highly recommended!”

Madhur Ostrey, Interbrew

“The speech given by Alexander Blass is the most influential on my path. And I feel that of all the recent people I have met, Alexander Blass is the most influential in my life from now on. Thank you very much.”

Rita, Student, IIT Bombay Entrepreneurship Summit

Ashwin Sinpatry, Professor of Information Technology

“I feel it is a great program. It was very inspiring and awesome. You need to listen to people like this, that know what to do and will teach you what to do. He talked about the importance of innovation in everyone’s life, and he really inspired me a lot. Thank you!”

E-VOLVE Travelport Convention, Mexico City

Top executives from Mexico share their extraordinary experiences after being part of the audience of one of the largest industry events keynoted by Alexander Blass.

Saudi Aramco Masterclass Testimonial

It’s been an exciting day to have been part of this wonderful seminar about innovation. We are happy to have an expert like Alex who aligned these different principles and strategies that we will use to enhance our innovation system. Thank you!

Lorraine Carli, Vice President of Communications, National Fire Protection Association

“Alexander’s remarks were really on point […] He really hit points on how staff should be engaged in that and involved, and think differently and more creatively. He also took the time to learn a lot about NFPA to make his comments very relevant to where we are in our history.”

Mohammad Testimonial 3-Day Masterclass in Bahrain (English)